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  • How do I create an account?
    If you want to create an extra account, it is best to contact the Customer Advice Point. This department can be reached via webshop@acknowledge.nl
  • How can the address details be changed?
    The Customer Advice Point can help you to change the address details in your account. Please contact us via webshop@acknowledge.nl
  • I placed an order by phone or email. Can I now see it in my account in the webshop?
    No, you will not automatically see an order placed in the webshop. Would you like more information about your order? Please contact the Customer Advice Point via webshop@acknowledge.nl
  • How can I subscribe or unsubscribe myself for the newsletter?
    At the bottom of the webshop you will find the option to subscribe or unsubscribe for the newsletter.

  • How can I view my order history?
    Go to your account and click "Overview". Here you can find the complete order history.

  • Where can I change my password?
    Your password can be changed in your account. Click on "Account Information" and change your password.

Ordering and Delivery

  • When will my order be delivered?
    Once you have ordered a ready-made product, it will usually be delivered the next day. With an urgent order, the delivery will be faster, provided the product is in stock. If there is a deviation from the delivery time, you will receive a notification in time.

  • Which carrier delivers the orders?
    Your order can be delivered by different carriers. We work together with PostNL, DHL, GLS, DPD, Das or UPS.
  • What should I do if I have not received a confirmation email?
    After you have placed an order, a status email is automatically sent to the email address known to us. Did you not receive this? Please contact the Customer Advice Point via webshop@acknowledge.nl

  • How long will it take for my payment to be processed?
    You will receive a notification (if desired) within 3 days after your payment.

  • Can I take an order urgently?
    We do not charge any costs for normal delivery. However, it is also possible to request an express shipment. The costs for this are € 35.

  • Can I track the delivery of my order?
    You can be kept informed of the delivery of your order upon request. You can indicate this during the order request. Have you already placed your order and do you still want to be informed of your delivery? Request this at the Customer Advice Point via webshop@acknowledge.nl

Price and stock

  • Where does the stock in the webshop come from?
    Acknowledge works with various distributors and manufacturers to always serve you as quickly as possible.

  • Are there any delivery charges?
    We do not charge delivery charges for regular deliveries. Express shipments cost € 35.

  • How do I find out when a product is back in stock?
    If a product is not in stock, there is a contact button for this product in the webshop. By clicking on this you can request to be notified when the product is back in stock.

  • Are the prices stated including or excluding VAT?
    The prices in the webshop are stated excluding VAT. During the checkout process the amount will be shown including VAT

About the webshop

  • Suggestions and complaints
    Do you have feedback or specific wishes? Or do you want to file a complaint? Then we would like to hear from you. Send an email to the Customer Advice Point via webshop@acknowledge.nl .
  • Where can I find an invoice copy?
    Go to your account and click "Overview". Here you will find all your orders. Click on the order for which you need an invoice to view it. With all orders you place you will also receive the invoice in your mailbox,

Service and warranty

  • Will I get replacement hardware when my product is repaired?
    This is not a standard feature. It depends on the arrangements you have made.

Questions about your Order

  • What happens if an item I ordered is no longer available?
    We will immediately look for a comparable or better product. We can still deliver this to you, in consultation, as an alternative.
  • How can I cancel an order?
    If you want to cancel an order, it is best to contact the Customer Advice Point as soon as possible via webshop@acknowledge.nl .
  • I have placed an order, but have not received a confirmation.
    If you have not received a confirmation email, you can first check your account. Click on "Overview" and check if your order is listed here. Is this not the case? Then the order has not arrived and you can place the order again. Is your order in the overview? Please contact the Customer Advice Point via webshop@acknowledge.nl .

Exchanges and returns

  • Can I return a product?
    If you want to return a product, it is best to first contact the Customer Advice Point webshop@acknowledge.nl . The return rights differ per product and brand. The Customer Advice Point can provide you with the correct information.

Payment methods

  • What payment options does Acknowledge offer?
    It is possible to pay on a credit basis with us.

  • What is the account number of Acknowledge?
    1536 97814
    Iban NL54 RABO 0153 6978 14
    Swift RABO NL2U
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